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All YachtSpot services feature data on yachts and the yacht market, as well as a “crossover view” that gives you access to aircraft information you want. You can choose the service that best fits your needs, and take advantage of the world’s most comprehensive intelligence on both yachts and aircraft.

All service levels are web-based, and can be delivered live, weekly, or monthly.

Please call Derek Jones at 800.553.8638 ext. 603 for more information and to schedule a demonstration.


With our basic service, you will receive intelligence on individual yachts, along with yacht market information. The crossover view in this service provides make and model of the aircraft associated with that company or individual, without serial numbers or aircraft ownership information. JETNET’s aircraft research tools are not available at this level.

YachtSpot Sky

YachtSpot Sky gives you full YachtSpot capability, along with access to JETNET’s Evolution Aerodex service. That means YachtSpot Sky, in addition to yacht information, includes aircraft crossover capability with virtually full functionality and intelligence: aircraft serial numbers, full company information, and aircraft owner and operator contact information. If you are a current Evolution Aerodex customer, you can add YachtSpot Sky to your subscription, and you will also have access to the full YachtSpot experience.

YachtSpot Prime

With YachtSpot Prime, you will receive the full YachtSpot experience, with access to our flagship aviation service, JETNET Evolution Marketplace. This includes the yacht-to-aircraft crossover view, with full aircraft information for that yacht owner—including owner contact information, and operator and company information, along with aircraft for sale. YachtSpot Prime gives you the best of both worlds: all yacht and market information, along with JETNET’s comprehensive market intelligence for aircraft.